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ADVICE: My daughter is 2 weeks old and until now has breastfed really well and is gaining weight. In the last couple of days she has developed a “croaky” congested sound that mainly occurs at night and the after she feeds. READ MORE

QUESTION: Regarding sibling rivalry. Our girls are 11 & 13 & share a room. READ MORE

GIFTS: Hi CMs, 2020 has definitely reminded us how amazing teachers are. With that in mind, I’m after gifts for primary teachers and daycare teachers. The more unique the better and I would love to support local.

ADVICE: How to handle (and help) a child with jealousy issues. READ MORE

ADVICE: I have a 4 year old boy who tends to repeat full words in a sentence.  READ MORE

ADVICE: I have a very good friend that at the moment is going through a very sad breakdown of her marriage

ADVICE: Just wondering how you knew if you were ready for another baby or not? READ MORE

QUESTION: Wondering how one makes friends as an adult? READ MORE

ADVICE: EXCESSIVE NIGHT FEED HELP: Miss 1 year old… no matter what I have tried, she will not take a bottle or settle for me at night (at all?!) without breastfeeding. READ MORE 

QUESTION: Hi there, anyone can recommend a good honest real estate agent, please? Thank you READ MORE

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Canberra Mums is all about connecting ‘expecting’ mums with experienced mums to discuss amazing products (or the not-so-amazing), services worth mentioning (or ones to avoid) and to share cool ideas. Canberra Mums was started in June 2011 and from day one has provided mums and mums-to-be with a place to share and discuss mum-related experiences, events, businesses, products and services, in a moderated environment.

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Brindabella Womens Group – Cookies in a Jar

Are you a mum with children primary school aged or younger? Need a time out, some you time or just…

Canberra FREE interactive self defence, anti bullying. 3 days olny

For 3 days only in COOLEMAN COURT WESTON 13th 14th 15th November! Bring the kids along for a FREE Interactive…

Canberra Karate for everyone

Canberra Mums, Kids teens adults and families! We have a special offer for 14 days No commitments or contracts ✅…

Australian Girls Choir – Open Day

With world class music education and unparalleled performance opportunities, the Australian Girls Choir will nurture your daughter from her very…

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3 weeks ago
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Experience what you’ve been missing
Craving a break before the silly season begins? Why not head inland and explore the great outdoors with the family in the Snowy Mountains region at NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park.

Located just 2 hours from Canberra, enjoy a waterfront break by the lake and experience what you’ve been missing.
Learn more at

3 weeks ago
Mov' In Car

⚠️Canberra Mums ⚠️ New Facebook page now running 🎬 It all happens here 👉

Mov'in Car is the best Drive-in Cinema and the most old-school movie night experience. 🎬🚘

3 weeks ago
Canberra Mums's cover photo

ABC Parental As Anything: How to make food fun
- - - - - - -
"I hate broccoli", "but the sauce is touching the carrot!", "Yuk! That's gross!" If you've ever heard this come out of your child's mouth at dinner time, we feel your pain. So, we've brought in chef Adam Liaw and Nutrition Australia's Leanne Elliston to help! They've cooked up some great tips with Maggie Dent on how to feed children healthy food and what you can do if your child is a fussy ... See more

3 weeks ago

Looking for recommendations for a male GP for my 16 year old son who suffers with mild depression and severe anxiety. Has taken almost 2 years to finally convince him to see a GP and don't want to let this opportunity slip by. Looking for a doctor who is caring, supportive and easy to chat with. Southside definitely preferable. Thanks in advance 😊

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