Children’s Choirs and Music Tuition Grants

Children’s Choirs and Music Tuition Grants

If you have a child who loves to sing, or who shows musical potential, our youth choirs offer a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their musical talents in a warm and encoring atmosphere with highly qualified music teachers.

The Youth Choirs program at St Paul’s Anglican Church, South Canberra, supports children in the development of their innate musical skills and abilities. Choristers receive training in vocal technique, musicianship, sight reading, aural skills and ensemble skills. They are exposed to challenging, beautiful and uplifting choral music from the rich Anglican musical tradition, in a variety of musical styles.

Each year, the St Paul’s Arts Foundation offers up to six Music Tuition Grants, valued at $1000 each, to choristers who show outstanding musical potential. The grants are to be used towards the cost of private tuition in any musical instrument with a suitably qualified music teacher.

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