Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo

Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo


This year for most of us hs been a year that will be remembered for all the challenges and obstacles that we were faced with.

The overwhelming feeling of LIFE which creates STRESS, ANXIETY & leaves us de-motivated to do anything.

Who can relate?

The number 1 reason why we choose NOT to do anything about our wellbeing is because of the lack of…..


We have MASTERED a simple & effective way to take control of your life, while getting into the best shape.
If you are looking to…..
• lose weight
• get healthy
• increase your energy
• or just have a positive mindset

Then this Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo is for you, pop in try our yummy healthy samples & learn more about how we can help you take ownership of your 2021.

Our mission is to help 1% of the CANBERRA population – we can’t wait to help you!!

Date: Friday Dec 11, 2020
Time: 7pm
Where: Hughes Community Center
Leave a comment below for more details and to book your spot — with Jinan Ajaj.

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