Need a few more hours in the day? We can help

Need a few more hours in the day? We can help

Hi CM’s,

I just wanted to share with you a local business that is operating to help busy Mumma’s and offering a few extra hours in your day by taking care of your to-do list for you.

Twenty Fifth is a company connecting our busy clients with errand runners. If you need a helping hand we have lovely people ready to assist, anything from walking your dog to doing your laundry, grocery shopping, parcel collection, to anything in between.

It is also important for us that we support our community fully. We currently have stay at home Mums doing errand running work that have a bit of spare time during school hours. At this stage we are at capacity for new Runners however if interested please don’t hesitate to send us an email to and we can put your name on file as future work becomes available.

Hopefully we can be of help to some of you!

We all have 24hrs in the day, but when 24 isn’t enough, let us be your Twenty Fifth.

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