Wildflower Births

Wildflower Births

I’m Emma, a Canberra based doula and photographer excited to support and document your unique journey.

Previously, my career goal was to be a nurse; I studied at the University of Canberra for a year and a half before having my first baby. After my experience, I decided to support women and birthing people to achieve their dream birth through support and education or creatively by capturing unique moments.

Having caring and skilful support makes a world of difference.

As your doula, my priority is to educate, respect, listen, embrace and advocate for you, assisting you prenatally, during birth and after.

As your photographer, I am a fly on the wall, quietly holding space, capturing and preserving these cherished occasions.

I’ve had two beautiful little boys, and both my birth experiences were very different. I learnt from what I didn’t know and organised support and a photographer for myself for my second birth.

Good support can mean the difference between a difficult birth being traumatic and a physically demanding birth being empowering.


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