Controlled crying?


  1. I guess it is worth a go. Controlled crying is a very personal choice. I have been lucky enough to have positive experiences with it for my now 2 year old and currently for my 9 week old baby. It is my personal opinion that a little crying does not do any harm to a little one and as a mother you will know the difference between a self settling cry and a cry that is not going to stop, babies need to be taught to sleep, if I rushed to pick up my 9 week old baby every time she cried she would never sleep. It is important that babies learn to self settle and this can often require a bit of tough love 🙂 For both the baby and the mum
    I also think it is important not to feed you baby straight away on demand, I usually let my little one have a minute or two to have a bit of a cry (and so I can wake up at 3am) before I feed. I found this taught my son to be able to wake and not demand food right away, again to some this may seem a bit tough so you need to find what works for you.
    Only you will know if it is right for your baby.
    I can recommend a good baby book that will talk you through controlled crying.
    Best of luck !!!!

  2. Thanks Kaz
    It’s good to hear other people’s perspectives and experiences.
    : )

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