Domestic Violence Crisis Service – Myth Busting

Domestic Violence Crisis Service – Myth Busting

1. DVCS charges for their services – FALSE

DVCS services are free of charge and we do not means test clients.

We will provide each person, regardless of their financial situation, with the same level of support. DVCS acknowledges some people will have access to little financial resources and others will have access to a bit more. We also acknowledge that financial barriers can very much impact on a person’s ability to leave a violent and/or controlling relationship, which is why we don’t charge or means test our clients.

Men who choose to live in our therapeutic properties as part of their participation in Room4Change are required to pay rent which is based on a sliding scale and is negotiated with them prior to the entering the program. Men can participate in this program without choosing to live in one of our properties and in which case, will not cost them anything.

2. DVCS only supports people for three months – FALSE

DVCS supports people for as long or as little as is required and needed by our clients.

Each person’s definition of “crisis” will vary, which is why there is no timeframe on how long DVCS will support a client. Some people might experience crisis for a number of days, while others might experience crisis for a number of months. Some people dip in and out of crisis and DVCS might support them over a period of years.

3. DVCS only supports adult women – FALSE

DVCS is an inclusive service working with children, young people and adults in the ACT community.

At all times, DVCS will prioritise safety. This means that we need to triage clients, just as occurs in the Emergency Department.

It is not uncommon for us to engage with and provide support to children who were present during an incident of violence. We do this with the consent of their parents.

4. DVCS report all incidents of violence to Police – FALSE

DVCS does not report all incidents of violence and/or controlling behaviour to Police.

Not all clients want to engage the Police and Justice System, and that is ok. It is not a requirement of our service that clients engage Police. We respect our client’s decision in this regard.

If a client or staff member are in a life threatening situation, yes we will call the Police.

For more information on how DVCS can support you or a friend, please call their 24/7 crisis line on 6280 0900.