Ethical Cleaning Products

Ethical Cleaning Products


Worried about exposing your children to toxic chemicals?

Our mission is simple – to supply you with products that are chemical free & palm oil free. Products that are made with natural, back to basic ingredients that do no harm to our environment yet clean as well (if not better) than all of the quite toxic products that you find on the supermarket shelves. I’ve always been conscious of all of the chemical residues that are left behind on surfaces after cleaning. We all think we’re doing the right thing using these popular brands because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that a home is only clean if it smells of bleach & disinfectant! Just read the list of ingredients that only a chemical engineer would understand! More and more studies are holding toxic chemicals responsible for weakening the immune system through inhalation or ingestion, and children are an estimated six times more vulnerable to exposure. Cumulative poisons at the developmental stages of growth can lead to life-long issues, including learning impairment, respiratory illnesses, mental disorder and obesity. Clean Conscience Eco Cleaning Products are made with back to basic ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, essential oils, vinegar and pure soap. They are Certified Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, and are Palm Oil Free. Special offer! Enjoy a 10% discount & FREE delivery! Sign up on the Ethical Cleaning Products website – and enter this code in the promo box to activate the offer: x26aiyHCBF  

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