Has anyone tried celebrity slim or rapid loss?


  1. Try something that encourages healthy habits that you can sustain long term. The great Australian diet and lite n easy have both helped me. What ever you choose to do the best advice I can offer is walk for exercise at least five days a week. Food is only one part.

  2. exercise and eat healthy there is no short cuts

  3. Highly recommend Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 30kgs in 12months eating everyday food and gradually increasing exercise. Teaches you about a healthy lifestyle not just about how to lose weight. You can do it online or by going to meetings, whatever works best for you.

  4. Wake up – 1 serve coconut oil
    1 serve cod liver oil
    1 glass water
    Meal 1
    1/2 cup oats, full cream milk
    Banana or berries
    Protein drink
    1 glass water
    Meal 2
    100g sweet potato, rice or wholemeal pasta
    100g beef, chicken, pork
    Sauce (tomato/BBQ, only a little)
    Green veg (beans, broccoli etc)
    1 glass water
    Meal 3
    1 piece of fruit or protein drink
    1 handful unsalted nuts, no peanuts
    1 glass water
    Meal 4
    100g meat
    Green veg or salad
    1 glass water
    Meal 5
    100g chicken breast/fish
    Green veg or salad
    1 glass water
    45 mins or more of walking at least 6 days a week. Meals should be around 2.5 hours apart.
    This worked for me, I lost a kilo per week and was full all the time, started at 92kg’s, now at 66kg’s. I think some programs are great at helping people lose weight, but their exercise programs are abit unrealistic to keep up for good. Walking and light weights is much easier to keep up, and is effective.. I hope this has helped

  5. ‘m changing my eating habits & going paleo! Clean eating and exercise is the trick. And you don’t have to miss out on your fave foods you just make them yourself with healthy ingredients google paleo good luck honey

  6. Bodytrim

  7. I love My Fitness Pal app. It allows you to monitor your calorie intake. No gimmicks, no quick unsustainable fixes. Very easy to use and almost all foods are on there. I highly recommend it.

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