I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on johnson & johnson baby products

I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on johnson & johnson baby products


  1. I would write down the ingredients from a bottle at the supermarket and then come home and research for yourself if you want those chemicals on your baby. Personally there is no way I would put their products anywhere near my little ones!

  2. I use them on my twins and the whole range has been excellent Their skin is beautiful and we haven’t had a problem.
    You’re bound to get a range of strong opinions about a topic like this one! You’ll just have to make a decision about what’s next for you. Congratulations on bub and good luck with it all.

  3. I wouldn’t touch them due to their ingredients…actually, I wouldn’t use the majority of products as I really believe we are being conned into buying a plethora of “stuff” that we really don’t need. I bath my kids in an oat bath (handful of oats tied up in an old stocking) or coconut oil both of which are in our pantry anyway, saves us a heap and is much, much better for them and the environment!

  4. They do have a huge amount of toxic chemicals in there products like petrochemicals & many more. Please do your research on the ingredients.
    Arbonne ABC baby wash is the best & I would not use anything else.

  5. One of the concerns with many toiletries is that they contain SLS/SLES. These are surfactants that are used mainly to give lather and bubbles. They are manufactured from coconut/palm oils ( another issue in itself) and are known skin and eye irritants. One of the biggest concerns with these is that they may be contain 1,4 dioxane, a carcinogenic (i.e. cancer causing) by-product. Up to you, but I wouldn’t be putting J&J (including Aveeno) on my bub due to a multitude of their ingredients.

  6. You can buy a book called The Chemical Maze that lists all the ingredients from food and products so you can do your own research. I love the Moo Goo range for my daughter but I must admit to using the travel size Johnson’s for holidays and such.

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