My 1 year old daughter has a very strong personality and is constantly throwing tantrums

My 1 year old daughter has a very strong personality and is constantly throwing tantrums


  1. The website aha parenting has a huge collection of article on gentle discipline for toddlers.
    Please don’t associate your daughter’s tantrums with your parenting. You are not a terrible mother. You just have a daughter who is experiencing some strong emotions and who doesn’t know how to regulate these or herself at this young age.
    My daughter was very much like this. It is hard. The best thing I did was read up about toddler development and find strategies to help her through her tantrums.
    Hang in there, she needs your loving guidance as she moves through this stage if development

  2. Some ppl don’t agree with them but it could all come down to food why she is acting in this way been a child care work see it alot n ppl dont seem to think it could b some type of food in their diet illd go see a padi that test for foods that can trigger them off. It is quite interesting. I know a girl had bad attitude n she went to one n cut

  3. I can give u few advices being a dr, this is v common n self limiting condition, relax and explain all these to childcare staff as well cos they r the 1 whom she stayed most of time with , 1. try to Stay calm and say nothing. 2. Look away. Move away. 3. Ignore what can be ignored:, but do not lock her in her room. 4.Be flexible: decide if the demands are reasonable before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and stick to your decision. 5. Avoid what is avoidable: try to avoid the cause or causes of tantrums, such as visiting the supermarket. 6.Distract what is distractable: redirect ur child’s interest to some other object or activity that would interest them. 7. consider firm action by taking your daughter to a safe room or space and insist she be quiet (usually for 2 minutes) before they come out of time-out. 8. Make some realistic and firm rules to follow. She is young however they understand everything. 9. Keep her busy with activities in circumstances conducive to boredom and disruption. 10. Praise appropriate behaviour as soon as it occurs. Reason could be couple of good think if u r concern of hearing ask your GP for audiogram, don’t feel bad this doesn’t mean that u r not good mother this is her personality & it is present in almost most of children.

  4. I can’t offer any advice, except that apparently I chucked huge tantrums as a child if I didn’t get to choose my own clothes, or get my own way. My dad used to put me in the shower to calm me down- anyway, my parents laugh about it now… As I grew out of it.. And apparently I’ve turned out just fine. She will most probably turn into a confident and driven young lady who knows what she wants in life. Good luck in the mean time

  5. Go you for reaching out mum As many have already said this could very realistically be medically driven by painful food allergies and / or other frustrations related to hearing etc. Babies don’t want to be miserable or difficult. It is sooo much easier to be calm, content and doted on. Babies at that age are also incapable psychologically of either giving out negative manipulation or receiving negative discipline. Negative discipline in response to pain and / or other medical issues would be traumatic though, and would send very sad messages. Keep knocking on the doors of Drs and child behavior specialists until you find your answers, and above all, always trust your instincts. You’ll find your solutions eventually. All the best

  6. If you need some advice or help, do contact Family Foundations at Belconnen Community Services. They assist parents/families with children who are currently experiencing behavioral issues/ who need some guidance. A lovely service!

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