my 6 month old won't stay asleep in her bassinet


  1. At six months I had the same problem and then I moved him to his cot and he was much better – I think he needed more room to move

  2. There is a big development leap at 6 months. Google ‘ wonder weeks’, download the app or borrow the book from the library. It’s a very full on time for the baby. Hang in there it does pass and give lots of cuddles and reassurance.

  3. Around 6 months is when baby realises that they are not attached to you any more more kisses and cuddles from mummy

  4. My 6 month old has been doing the same. I’m not sure what’s going on, I just assume its either a growth spurt or teeth. Good luck!

  5. And at 6 months she should be sitting up or crawling…so for her safety time to put her in a cot ASAP! Google “milestones!”

  6. Im having the same problem. I moved my bub 2 the cot – no better, he doesnt want to be wrapped anymore either. He falls asleep than every time I put him in his cot he wakes up and wnt go back 2 sleep and if he does stay asleep he will wake up within 2 hrs

  7. Swaddle them and then put a sheet over them and tuck that under the mattress. Only way our little man would sleep

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