Non toxic cot?

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  1. A Canberra mum

    Things to look for or questions to ask about your cot (or any baby furniture) is whether it has: low voc (paint/finishes), is made with solid wood (as opposed to MDF) and if formaldehyde free adhesive were used.
    Also, it’s a good idea to check the Australian and New Zealand Standard (which I believe all cots must now adhere) to see if this minimum standard meets your personal needs as a parent.
    One good reasonably priced cot which I believe meets most if not all of the criteria outlined above is one by Seed Organic. It is available in Canberra but sometimes there is a bit of a wait – ESP. for the mattress.
    Finally, a google on ‘low voc cots’ will give you more info.
    Hope this helps,
    A Canberra mum

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