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Dear Mums, I have a 16 months old who just relatively recently started to walk. However, she completely refuses to wear shoes. We tried all different brands (attipas, bobux, adidas). She starts crying when we get even close to her with a shoe. If we do manage to put a shoe on her, she will cry until we take it off. It was warm and she was not really walking so we have never pushed shoes before. But with colder weather and more walking, I am starting to really worry. Has anyone had a similar situation? Any advice? Thank you! READ MORE

I’m about to start a job as a receptionist however I currently have long acrylic/gel type nails the type you get done at the salons . they do affect me when touch typing . I still want pretty nails . I heard sns be be the way to go . Something I can still type with that still looks nice , I’ve never had short nails before. Thanks mums  READ MORE

Hi CMs, I tested positive for H.pylori 6 weeks ago. I did the full course of antibiotics and it didn’t help with my symptoms. I’ve had another test yesterday to see if I’m still positive but won’t find out for a week. Has anyone had this as well . My reflux/heartburn is out of control and the meds the doc prescribed don’t help either. Just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this and what their outcome was. READ MORE

I’m a full-time single mum working a full-time senior management job and have just found out my school-age Hi Beautiful Mums, I need advise from mums, especially who have been in public service long. I left an agency in Feb ( was looking to leave since Sept). Reason was highly toxic manager and “not interested” SES 1. But it was high pace with lots of learning opportunities. The place I joined is really great for work/life balance but very slow paced and less learning opportunities. READ MORE

Hi all, Just looking for some advice, I have a daughter about to turn 7 the father has not been in the picture, our This is a sensitive post for me to write, but I’m at a loss for how to help my husband. I’ll preface this by saying that I feel safe and my kids are safe, and I don’t think things would ever escalate to physical violence. We have two young children (2.5 and 1) and my husband really struggles to cope during their tough moments of crying and meltdowns. I get it, it sucks and it’s hard, but he loses his temper so easily which the kids then feed off and round and round we go. Some examples are him hitting the cot, smashing his phone on the ground and throwing things in anger and frustration. Please no ‘he needs to grow up’ responses – it isn’t helpful and he genuinely tries his best. I’m looking for services or perhaps a group I could point him to where men share their experiences in fatherhood to support each other and share coping strategies. Thanks. READ MORE