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  1. If you know how to cook already and have a few appliances, I wouldn’t bother. But if you want to learn how to cook and don’t have many appliances, its worth considering. Just remember that everything you can do in the Thermomix you can do using basic kitchen equipment.

  2. Don’t get me started! Absolutely love mine took me a few months to convince myself to get it and now I have it I won’t look back love love love.

  3. Be careful about those “cheaper versions” they have been recalled several times, one of which was because there was blue dye leaking into the food from the plastic!!! Thermomix has been around since the 70’s and has a 0.03 return rate world wide!! I clearly did the research before I made the purchase and I am happy to say l love mine and it was worth every cent!

  4. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now. It changed the way my family and I eat – Not to mention the amount of money it has saved us over the last 2 years. Our grocery bill has dropped dramatically! I love thermomix so much I became a consultant recently. Love being able to show the thermomix to people!

  5. Definitely worth the money. I’ve had mine for around 4 years and if it broke tomorrow would buy another one straight away! We’ve just started using it for food for our five month old and it is so easy and quick.

  6. I’m getting one soon!!! Can’t wait… everything I’ve heard is that it’s brilliant!!! I’ve looked at comparisons between it and the other available knock offs and have reached the conclusion that none of them are up to the same standard and it’d be a waste of money for me to get a knock off one and not be happy with it and still want to get a Tmx. That’s my theory at least… if I wasn’t waiting and saving up I would have got a bread maker & juicer, but again I decided it was cheaper in the long run to simply wait for the Tmx. Short term pain for long term gain! I understand from all those I know who have a Tmx that life with small children will be easier (quicker to prepare dinner, etc) and I will definitely be able to start better controlling what we eat (i.e. cutting out all those nasty preservatives, excess sugar, etc.) – that I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to!!!

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