The Acorn & Caterpillar

The Acorn & Caterpillar


What is The Acorn & Caterpillar About??

At times in life, it’s hard to look past your current situation and see all the good that is yet to come. What is an acorn? It’s something that is so small, yet has so much potential. The small seed will sprout and eventually become a very strong tree. A place of refuge for birds. A place for children to play. A tree which feeds fresh air back into this world. And so much more.. And a caterpillar… it again is something so small yet has so much potential. A caterpillar moves slow and steady but by letting life happen, it becomes a colourful, unique butterfly and is able to soar the skies. At first sight, the acorn and caterpillar potential may be unseen, however given the opportunity, the potential is discovered and released. The Acorn and Caterpillar is all about ‘Discovering Potential’. Discovering Potential in ourselves, our families, in our communities and in our life situations. The Acorn and Caterpillar is a new and growing social enterprise in the ACT which offers an engaging space to respond to the emotional and social needs of children and women in the ACT region. A variety of Peer Support, Psycho-Educational and Self development groups for Children and Adults are available. Specialising in Self Esteem Courses for women and children, Grief and Loss Courses for children experiencing family separation, divorce or loss of a loved one. Sonja is the Founder of The Acorn and Caterpillar. Sonja has many years experience providing psycho-educational, peer support and self development groups. Contact Sonja if you have any questions. Face to face free appointments can be easily arranged to answer questions regarding any of the courses on offer. After hours appointments are available. To contact and register your interest in any of the Acorn and Caterpillar courses,

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