Travel Tips Please


  1. You’ll be fine, husbands are over rated

  2. Leaving the husband at home means travelling with only one child.
    Kids Iphone apps could be worth a try. Food and a whole lot of paitence 🙂

  3. thanks guys – that made me laugh and lighten up a little… probably the best advice then 🙂

  4. I’ve done 3 x 24 hour trips from UK to Oz and I would definitely try your hardest to get a bassinet for your baby. Do they do those on the flight from Oz to NZ? They are great, although you have to lift your baby out of them every time there is air turbulence, which seems to defeat the purpose of them a bit for me (very annoying if you’ve only just got them off to sleep). Apart from that, 1 year olds sleep a lot, so the white noise of the engine should help with that. Thankfully you won’t have much jet lag, as that is the real killer (for us it meant waking up every night of our holiday when previously our son had been sleeping through, but things got back to normal not long after we returned home). Once kids get to toddler stage, the TV in the seat is a great life-saver (even if you have to have them on your lap) and a few walks up and down the plane help too.
    Travelling with babies is always hard, but just remember… it’s like childbirth – it WILL be over eventually!

  5. Thanks for the great advice Eco! I can’t believe you managed the uk/oz flight with a baby or toddler – That trip can be quite a struggle even for a single traveller!! I’m flying Virgin so will check the status of bassinets between nz/oz. Although the flight is pretty short, my daughter is getting heavy so i think a bassinet would be a great help – thank you for this suggestion.
    Otherwise my plan is to buy (and wrap) a couple of new small toys or books to use as a distraction, I’m hoping the novelty factor distracts her a little longer than usual.
    Thanks again!

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