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Advice please
Hi mums, if you had a child-free night, where would you go for dinner? Partner isn’t into little fancy meals.

Thank you 

Advice with ‘scary’ movies
Hi CM’s, I have a super sensitive almost 5yr old boy who struggles to get through the ‘scary’ scenes in movies. All he really watches is cars and planes on repeat. I sit with him to watch new tv shows/movies and do my best to explain what is happening/will happen but he is just too overwhelmed with them and asks to turn them off.

Shows such as peter rabbit and movies like Finding Nemo scare him. Any suggestions on other non-scary movies to try?

I know eventually, he will grow out of it I’m Just trying to broaden what he is ok to watch for now! Thank you 

Worried about my daughter’s weight

Dear Canberra mums, I’m starting to get worried about my daughter. She has always been a small baby, even when she was born, but I’m worried about her height and weight and her not talking much. She weighs 10kg and you know people think she is a one-year-old because of how small she is. A while ago she stopped drinking formula and won’t even touch cows milk not even flavour cow milk.

My doctor seems to brush it off and intimidate me. She is a bit of a picky eater to. I’m just stressing about her and wanna know what I can do because I feel she is not growing properly. She is a very happy girl and lights up any room and she will tell me what she wants. Should I be worried or just leave it, like I said she has been small all her life but I thought she would have grown more by now.

Thank you from a worried mummy.


Husband getting the snip 

Hi Canberra Mums, I have a fairly controversial topic to discuss so please be kind in your comments, this is meant to be a safe place to ask so please keep it that way. My husband wants the snip and wants it now. He says he is finished having kids. Myself, on the other hand, know I want another child. I don’t care about gender, I just know there is another waiting to join our family. I also know that I cannot force him to have another child but I am struggling with the fact that he can force me to give up what I want by getting the snip without having any second thoughts about it. The discussions we do have about it turn into an argument 50% of the time and the other 50% have me in tears in the toilet mourning the child I haven’t even birthed yet. I have pleaded to have him wait for a few years and then we can reconsider. I know in that time I may change my mind and not want another but he won’t even considered that anymore.


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👶🏼 BABY & CHILD FIRST AID CLASS THIS SATURDAY 👶🏼 The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy has been running classes…

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Canberra’s Drive-in Cinema is back in town! ————– Disney classics and crispy home-made pizzas are making this the perfect family…

Do It Red for Dyslexia in 2020

Do It Red for Dyslexia in 2020 #doitRED for Dyslexia is an expansion of our annual Light it Red campaign….

‘Out of This World’ at the National Archives of Australia

How did the space age capture the imagination of a nation and its people? On now at the National Archives…

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Experience what you’ve been missing
Craving a break before the silly season begins? Why not head inland and explore the great outdoors with the family in the Snowy Mountains region at NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park.

Located just 2 hours from Canberra, enjoy a waterfront break by the lake and experience what you’ve been missing.
Learn more at

1 day ago
Mov' In Car

⚠️Canberra Mums ⚠️ New Facebook page now running 🎬 It all happens here 👉

Mov'in Car is the best Drive-in Cinema and the most old-school movie night experience. 🎬🚘

1 day ago
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ABC Parental As Anything: How to make food fun
- - - - - - -
"I hate broccoli", "but the sauce is touching the carrot!", "Yuk! That's gross!" If you've ever heard this come out of your child's mouth at dinner time, we feel your pain. So, we've brought in chef Adam Liaw and Nutrition Australia's Leanne Elliston to help! They've cooked up some great tips with Maggie Dent on how to feed children healthy food and what you can do if your child is a fussy ... See more

1 day ago

Looking for recommendations for a male GP for my 16 year old son who suffers with mild depression and severe anxiety. Has taken almost 2 years to finally convince him to see a GP and don't want to let this opportunity slip by. Looking for a doctor who is caring, supportive and easy to chat with. Southside definitely preferable. Thanks in advance 😊

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