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New boss at work…
I don’t like blurring my personal life with my work life – especially with my boss. She is actually starting to freak me out and I’m not sure how to handle this. I don’t want to have to escalate this because it means going through a very formal process and I don’t need the stress especially being pregnant, however, I am worried about whether she will start to make false accusations about me or tarnish my character in what has been a very positive workplace until she came along. Help!!  

Bedwetting advice
Hi there, I’m seeking suggestions on how to proceed with our almost 7 year old daughter who still wets the bed. She is such a heavy wetter that she requires a nappy change throughout the night and often still manages to wet through. Every time we have tried going nappy-free, several times over the past few years, she sleeps through her accidents and when we go to check on her, she’s sound asleep in sodden sheets. It’s beginning to affect her self confidence, even though we tell her it’s not her fault. She has been day trained since 2.5 years old. Has anyone had success with using a bedwetting alarm? If so, which model did you use? Would a pediatrician be our next step for her age? Feeling heartbroken for our little girl and would truly appreciate any advice you may be able to provide. 

Advice please… ‘Bridesmaids dresses’
Hi everyone, after thoughts on having your bridesmaids pay for their dresses at your wedding same as grooms for their suits? I feel it’s rude asking when it’s for the couple getting married big day and it’s all of their choosing? It never used to be a common thing to ask this and I have noticed now it seems to be with some couples?

Mattress advice…
Hi Canberra mums, I’m looking for some mattress recommendations. My partner and I are looking to buy a new mattress but we have no idea where to start looking. We have a budget of around $1000- $2000. I would love to hear anyone’s experiences or suggestions. 

Mental health advice
Hello Mums, Just wondering what I can do if I need to check myself into a mental health facility but have children.
I’m a single mum in NSW with a pension concession card. Their dad has 0% care and would not be able to take the kids, neither would my family. Obviously, I don’t want to put them in the system. Is there somewhere that will take me AND my children? No drug or alcohol issues. TIA

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Hi everyone I’m a mum of two girls including a baby from Canberra. During my maternity leave, I have managed…


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Canberra mums and carers we are here for you!

Parentline ACT provides free early intervention and counselling support to parents and carers. We do this with fabulously skilled and…

First Step and Highland Dance School

First Step offers a fun introduction to dancing for all ages. Focusing on putting the fun in fundamentals and developing…

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1 hour ago

Instant Family!
When Joyce and Dean started thinking about foster care, they were interested in becoming respite carers. However, after completing their training, they were asked to consider taking on an eight-year-old girl in a concurrency placement. She is one of five siblings and there was possible talk of all siblings being placed together in the future.

Joyce and Dean were excited to care for this little girl and after two months, they were then asked if they would consider ... See more

7 hours ago

Hi all, hoping you can assist to prove my case to my husband. He works 5 days and is sometimes on call 7 days (extremely rare to get a call out!!!) I work 3 days and have our son at home two days - I also work from home when necessary on these days. Each day I take our daughter to school, I do all the cleaning, washing, groceries and cooking. So my question is, can you provide rough costs of..
- Cleaning twice weekly for a large four bedroom house
- cook for 7 x dinners per week
- cost of in ... See more

8 hours ago

Hi CMs,
Are there any mum's or Canberra businesses who make personalised baby gifts or looking for recommendations of good quality online suppliers of these types of gifts?

8 hours ago

Hello CMs, we’re a family affected by Covid-19 and on 1 JobKeeper income for the family. We reached out to our agent and they gave us a percentage to pay as rent whilst on JobKeeper and said that they will claim the rest through insurance. However send us daily arrears of how much we owe and it’s causing anxiety to our family. We want to pay them and doing what we can to produce income sooner. Is there a way to minimize the email reminders or is it a legal way they have to send a text and ... See more

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