Climate Classroom Rally – Canberra

Climate Classroom Rally – Canberra

In Canberra we are organising an event ONE DAY EARLY on the 28th on the lawns of Parliament House instead, as Parliament will be sitting then!

The action will be a “climate classroom”: a community forum for anyone interested to learn about and discuss the climate crisis in protest of the government’s inaction and to remind them what real democracy looks like.

The aim of the action is to show the Australian Parliament what real democracy looks like; teaching each other about the climate crisis and working together to address it as an inclusive community.

The action will not be run as a typical rally but more similar to a festival with participants welcome to come and mingle on the lawns of Parliament House and get involved in the different activities and stalls.

Anyone who is interested in and passionate about the climate crisis and taking action is welcome to join in – including politicians

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