Mindful Munchkinz Tutoring Services

Mindful Munchkinz Tutoring Services

Mindful Munchkinz runs an engaging tuition service for little learners .

We are passionate about supporting little ones to gain their confidence back and know that their best is absolutely good enough . We are all on this amazing learning journey together and we all get their in our own way and own time .

Our sessions are planned to cater to your child’s individual need , learning style and interests. We also like to spend time focusing on your child’s strengths. This is a great way to boost your child’s confidence and to use this knowledge to help out the other areas of development . We offer a free assessment, goal setting and consultation session. This is great for giving us some knowledge of where we need to start and what we need to do to reach your child’s learning goals.

We would love to support as many little learner and their families as we can.

Please see our Facebook or Instagram page for some extra information . Or call us on 0401 600 716 , email : hello@mindfulmunchkinz.com.au

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